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GTA V vs San Andreas Map
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GTA V vs San Andreas Map

How big is the GTA V map really going to be?
Social Media Executive
11th September 2013 11:27 AM

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EDIT [18/9/2013]: For your viewing pleasure, here is a video that further illustrates the enormous scale of the GTA V map:

Yesterday the GTA V map was leaked, the source supposedly being a copy of the game’s official strategy guide. The map shows an enormous rural area surrounding the already expansive urban area to the south, and depicts many familiar place names such as Vespucci Beach and Vinewood.

One user on Reddit measured the scales of both maps in pixels (using Photoshop), then used a percentage calculation to accurately resize the GTA: San Andreas map to the scale of the leaked GTA V map. This is the result of that calculation next to the original, unaltered map:

Other attempts to work out the size of the map have been attempted with varying success and accuracy. There is one fact, however, that we can all be fairly certain of: this game will be big. Very big indeed.

GTA V will be released worldwide on 17th September 2013.

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