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What the 2DS Means For Future Nintendo Handhelds

The exclusion of 3D shouldn’t be considered a regrettable step in the wrong direction.
Freelance Journalist
30th August 2013 04:30 PM

On Wednesday 28th August Nintendo announced their new handheld console; the Nintendo 2DS. It does everything a 3DS does except display 3D. This has led to the assumption that Nintendo are regressing, but its announcement might be an indication of the future of Nintendo’s handheld devices.

It’s no accident that the 2DS will be available from 12th October, the same day Pokemon X and Y are released. Due to concerns that the 3D effect might jeopardise the development of children’s eyesight the 3DS was deemed suitable for ages 7+, excluding a huge target audience. The 2DS aims to reclaim the younger demographic and Pokemon is a great incentive to buy a 2DS.

Besides providing a younger demographic with the DS experience the 2DS is also a budget handheld, cheaper than the 3DS and the 3DS XL. In a climate where phone manufacturers are producing ‘mini’ models of their top-range phones it’s no surprise that Nintendo are doing the same, especially when mobile games are in direct competition with handheld consoles.

The 2DS’ shape is also a departure. Instead of having a clam-shell design the 2DS is more reminiscent of the Gameboy and in many ways it resembles a tablet. The two screens are actually one screen split through the middle. It isn’t so farfetched to predict that the next generation of handheld consoles will be more like the iPad in appearance, possibly with two touch screens instead of one.

The exclusion of 3D shouldn’t be considered a regrettable step in the wrong direction. Gamers can still enjoy games in 3D on the original consoles. The 2DS is a step forward. It appeals to a larger audience and has a much more contemporary and familiar shape. Don’t be surprised if the next generation of Pokemon games will be on a Nintendo tablet.

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