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Trade In Challenge Part 2

Splinter Cell Blacklist for GTA V
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1st October 2013 12:20 PM

Trade in Challenge Intro | Trade in Challenge Part 1: Payday 2 to Splinter Cell: Blacklist

So first time out was a pretty damn good example of how trading in games and knowing store policies on 'price matches' and trade/cash values can genuinely ensure you get the best games for the best prices.

The Price
So after the fun but flawed 'Payday 2', I traded the bank-robber frenzy in at GAME for £25, the trade-in price match offered by GAME showed it's worth as they were offering £12 but due to CEX offering £24 the value of the trade just got that little bit better. Normally it would have made sense to take the cash and scout around for the cheapest offer but when GAME was selling our next trade in title at the special price of £25; this is one of the few times where maths is fun because part one of the Trade In Challenge cost me nothing. With a hectic release schedule fast approaching there's no messing about, so here is how Splinter Cell Blacklist did.

The Game
The Blacklist, an idea constructed by 'The Engineers' a group terrorising the United States of America by attacking the seven deadly sins of the world's leading superpower; basically some pretty bad dudes. So Sam Fisher (who else) is charged with the task of eliminating the threat who aims to bring the red, white and blue to it's knees.
One major plus for Ubisoft's stealth series is the reality of the narrative; special ops, Anti-American hatred and covert terrorism are all very real threats in the modern world. It's this realism that immerses you into the experience and helps you fear the threat your fighting. Speaking of immersion all the same visual and presentational features from the franchises' previous entry (Splinter Cell: Conviction) are still present. It's the 'on the fly' objective updates that makes the action seamless and makes it hard to put down the controller.

The game-play itself is the polished Splinter Cell formula that we've come to know and love. Executions, light sensitivity and sound all react very realistically and not only to add to that immersion but regardless of your difficulty level prevent the game feeling like a 'Quentin Tarantino' stylised shoot-out. For example the 'executions' (Chained One-Hit kills) have to be earned and unlike other games don't defy the laws of physics (no bullets bending round buildings here). Blacklist can be the thinking man's game which is typified by the use of elemental effects; fire an electrical bolt into a open water and watch a tense stalemate explode into an 'electrifying' set piece (see what I did).
Splinter Cell Blacklist, may herald a new voice for Sam Fisher but Ubisoft can still claim they do 'stealth' better than any developer out there. The rough and rebellious days of 'Conviction' have been replaced by the ultra-realistic adventures of counter terrorist unit 'Fourth Echelon'. If you can get Blacklist for free or not, it will still be an unforgettable experience.

The Trade
Blacklist is an incredibly intense adventure and under normal circumstances would be quite difficult to part way with; however considering the special circumstances of our next title it feels more like a willing sacrifice. GTA V is quite possibly the biggest release of this console generation, even grabbing the attention of most mainstream media outlets; so grabbing a good deal for this wasn't easy.

After a decent while searching it looked as if no offer was better than the other, a trade or cash price against an in-store or online price all seemed to be giving the same result. In the end I went for a CEX price match at GAME; So £20 trade-in became £21 trade-in for Splinter Cell Blacklist and while originally it looked as if I was going for a new copy of Grand Theft Auto V (£45) I managed to stumble across the only pre-owned copy in store (£40). So doing all the mathematics I only paid £19 for this generations biggest title and that's why scoping out the pre-owned shelf can pay off.
Remember, when buying a pre-owned game you might be losing out on some free DLC that has already been activated. There are alternatives out there, for example the cheapest cash price you can get for GTA V is from Smyths Toy's will let you get hold of the mega title for only £41.75 and as an added bonus there's free shipping. So ultimately an outlay of £19 but once GTA is done we might grab hold of a real bargain.

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2nd October 2013
I was so tempted to buy Blacklist but wanted GTA so badly so I didn't spend. Kind of wish I'd done this

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1st October 2013
Great read - I never knew GAME would price match **shakes fist in their general direction**

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