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Playing the Stock Market in GTA V

How to play the stock market to your own advantage
Social Media Executive
20th September 2013 12:10 PM
Name That Game 2

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Update [24/9/13]: It has since been revealed that Burgershot and Cluckin' Bell may not compete specifically with each other in GTA V. Although it has worked for some people, it may be down to chance. Here is an up to date list of the rival companies in the game:

If you apply the same method to the above companies, the outcome should be as described.

Additionally, listen to Lester when he briefs you on missions throughout the story mode, as he will often give hints as to companies that will benefit financially from your actions. Trust in Lester's wisdom and sell your stocks when you hear about your heist on the radio.

Original story:

The Daily Hint aims to provide new and interesting
GTA V tips and guides to help you in your quest to become the ultimate kingpin of Los Santos.

Today we’re taking a look into the Stock Market.

Stocks can be tricky; what’s more, they can be an outright gamble if you don’t dabble in a little inside trading. Why waste your hard-earned cash on an investment that might not pay off in the long run?

The best policy when buying stocks is to invest in companies that have rivals; for example: TacoBomb [Editor's note: originally read 'Burgershot']. Their main competitor is Cluckin’ Bell whom you can, shall we say, aggressively impede. This will cause their stocks to plummet and your stocks to soar.

The way to do this is relatively simple. Make sure you have a decent weapon, or preferably some explosives. Invest all your cash in [TacoBomb] (do this when share prices are low to maximise the financial gain), then travel to the far north of the map to Paleto Bay. In Paleto Bay is a Cluckin’ Bell depot, which, depending on the time of day, will contain several Cluckin’ Bell trucks. Destroy them to temporarily send your competitor spiralling out of the fast food market, and then sell your stocks when they peak.

The police will likely catch on that you're causing trouble when the explosives start going off, but as all your money is tied up in stocks you don't have to worry about losing any of it if they do manage to waste you, and can simply sell up as soon as you resume your game outside the hospital.

This policy can be adopted with any other company in the game that has a discernable rival, so pay attention to which businesses are likely to be competing against each other!

This video should help you get to grips with the basics of the stock market:

Let us know what other hints you need for GTA 5 in the comments at the bottom!

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24th September 2013
The above technique has not been 100% confirmed as it appears to have only worked for a handful of people.

Oh and BTW
The REAL competitors are:
BurgerShot v Up-An-Atom Burger
Cluckin' Bell v Tacobomb
CoolBeans v BeanMachine
FlyUS v AirEmu
GoPostal v PostOP
Bilkington v DollarPills
Pisswasser v Logger
MazeBank v BankOfLiberty
Redwood v Debonaire
Slaughter, Slaughter, Slaughter v Bullhead
RadioLosSantos v Worldwide FM
Ecola v Raine

Invest in one or the other, then go to the competition and kill their employees, vandalize their buildings, destroy their vehicles or anything you might think can hurt the business and theoretically the shares that you own should have risen.
However this technique does not have 100% confirmation either.

Another technique I have found is buying stock in Bobmulet and then go and get a lot of haircuts, but I've also heard that this has only worked for a few people.

Reply »
23rd September 2013
Wait until the market has crashed.
Once market has crashed, buy shares in Augury Insurance (AUG)
Then go around and destroy as many cars as possible.
Shares should go up in price and you should of made a hefty profit if you invested a lot of money and waited until AUG was at their lowest.

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