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Guide to upgrading the Pursuit Tech in Need for Speed Rivals

How to Use Pursuit Tech in Need for Speed Rivals
Web Content Executive
31st January 2014 11:53 AM
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The Pursuit Tech items in Need for Speed: Rivals are Unlockable pieces of equipment that can be used to both damage opponents and boost your vehicle. Their functions are limited, but can be refilled to their original states by visiting a Repair Shop or Hideout. Select your items wisely before committing, as only two pursuit items can be equipped to a single vehicle at any time. Each item is required to be purchased individually for each car and upgraded Pursuit Tech options will become available as you progress through the career mode, which often have much stronger effects, but at a steeper cost. Follow our guide below to review these technologies and evaluate which item is best for both your strategies and suited for each different scenario.

Electrostatic Field (ESF)
Usefulness Rating: High
When to use the Electrostatic Field: During Hot Pursuits and when Racing Opponents.

The Electrostatic Field will charge your selected vehicle with a powerful static field when activated, protecting it from Stun Mines and EMP’s. (See further on for details on these items) The main advantage to this item however is after charging your car; it will inflict a considerable amount of damage to any other vehicles that it comes into contact with. Use this to your own advantage via two different ways, firstly you could ram into your rivals cars to reduce their health mid race, or alternatively you may want to switch on this technology as your opponent comes into view in your rear mirror. This tool is one of the best offensive technologies from the list, as in extreme cases a competitor’s energy bar can be lowered by 2/3’s with a single collision. When possible, you should aim to upgrade your ESF as soon as possible; it’ll reduce its regeneration time and raise the amount of possible usage.

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)
Usefulness Rating: Average
When to use the Electrostatic Field: When Racing opponents.

The EMP will target and lock on to cars directly in front of you and deliver a sudden electrostatic pulse causing their electrical systems to temporarily fail. On a lower level, without upgrades, this item proves fairly useless as tracking the vehicle ahead unfortunately takes quite a long time meaning that it’s easy to make mistakes and waste your EMP charge. Upgrading this technology reduces the charging time and increases the damage dealt. The best method for using this item is to slow down allowing a player to pass, but keeping relatively close behind them, and targeting your player using your EMP.

Usefulness Rating: Low
When to use the Electrostatic Field: When Racing opponents.

The Jammer can be used to surround your car with a defensive barrier that will temporarily protect it from Tech Hits and interfere with the HUD’s of your rivals. The effects of this tool can only be really understood once you fall prey to its strengths, causing players to drive off route and becoming completely lost due to the failure of the radar. This of course, proves quite unhelpful when racing against the AI with the temporary field also proving fairly useless, as you really have no idea when an attack from another player could potentially take place. Upgrading this technology will expand the range and extend the active time causing it to interfere with more cars.

Shock Wave
Usefulness Rating: Average
When to use the Electrostatic Field: During Hot Pursuits and when Racing Opponents.

This Pursuit Tech item can be used to generate a sonic shock blast that can be used to push away nearby vehicles. On first glances, the shock wave proves to be advantageous to beginners as it is cheaper to purchase and has a shorter recharge time than the EMP. However on its initial purchase the shockwave possesses relatively low shock power. The best technique for using this item involves driving parallel to a vehicle alongside either a wall or cliff edge and activating your shock wave to force the vehicle into this collision. Need for Speed Pursuit Tech Upgrades are available for this item, causing the waves to grow stronger and push people further.

Stun Mine
Usefulness Rating: High
When to use the Electrostatic Field: During Hot Pursuits

Stun mines are items that can be deployed behind your car and overload your rival’s electrical system on contact, causing them to lose control of the steering and receive damage. This technology is one of the cheapest items to purchase, but is not very effective from the base level. When upgraded you are able to stock a larger quantity of mines in your vehicle with increased explosion power, inflicting more damage to your opponents. Mines are best placed in narrow parts of the road to increase the chances of detonation.

Usefulness Rating: High
When to use the Electrostatic Field: During Hot Pursuits, Time Trials and when Racing opponents

The Turbo provides a temporary rapid boost in acceleration when activated on your chosen vehicle. This boost will run until the power of this item has been exhausted or if you’re involved in a collision. Upgrading this technology will lengthen the duration of your turbo and offer more boosts to use throughout your journey. This turbo is most effective on long, straight sections with little to no risk of collisions and wasted boosts. However it can also be used in collaboration with other pursuit technologies such as the Electromagnetic Pulse to make for a hasty escape from the cops. When forcing the cop car into an obstacle, use your turbo to blast off in the opposite direction and by the time it’s had the opportunity to rejoin its pursuit, you’ll already be away and out of sight.

Which two of the Need for Speed Pursuit Techs are your favorites to equip in your car for each type of scenario? Let us know in the comments below.


31st January 2014
I normally stick to the ESF and Turbo and use them together to knock cars off track and then speed away! Handy guide thanks!

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