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Rank Up Fast In GTA V Online

How to earn quick reputation points to unlock those weapons
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4th October 2013 12:00 PM

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Money is king across Los Santos, but you can’t spend it on much without having the reputation to match. With over 120 levels in GTA Online, you're probably wondering how to whip through these levels as quickly as possible, and good news for you as this guide on how to rank up fast will detail the techniques on how to do exactly that. To proceed through these levels you will need to earn reputation points, and unlocking levels will reward you with new weapons. Below are a list of the available weapons to unlock and which level you will need to reach to unlock them.

Pistol - Level 1 
Combat Pistol - Level 9 
AP Pistol - Level 33 

Sub Machine Guns 
Micro SMG - Level 5 
SMG - Level 11 
Assault SMG - Level ?

Assault Rifles 
Assault Rifle - Level 24 
Carbine Rifle - Level 42 
Advanced Rifle - Level 70 
Shotgun Pump Shotgun - Level 17 
Assault Shotgun - Level 37

Light Machine Guns 
MG - Level 50 
Combat MG - Level 80

Heavy Sniper - Level 90 
Sniper Rifle - Level 21

Heavy Weapons 
RPG - Level 100 
Grenade Launcher - Level 60 
Minigun - Level 120 
Thrown Tear Gas - Level 13

Parachute - Level 11 
Jerry Can - Level ? 
Melee Knife - Level 1 
Nightstick - Level 3

Super Light Armor - Level 5 
Light Armor - Level 10
Standard Armor - Level 15 
Heavy Armor - Level 20 
Super Heavy Armor - Level 50

Participating in Races 

The best way to earn a lot of Reputation Points is by participating in the races available, as even if you do not win the race you will still be rewarded with heaps of RP.  

Join a Crew

When first loading up your GTA: Online mode, the first thing I would recommend is to either join an existing crew or create your very own!

Completing jobs for various different characters throughout the game whilst being part of your crew will reward you with additional RP which can be used to level up.

Escaping the Cops

Another great way to earn some additional RP and have a bit of fun at the same time is by teasing the cops onto your tail and making a hasty getaway. Similarly to the single-player mode, cops will hunt you down for criminal and unacceptable activity.

Read up on our Vehicle guide to ascertain the best vehicle for each potential getaway.


Participating in a parachute jump is a pretty good way of earning 600-700RP within a few minutes. This activity involves jumping from a helicopter and weaving through the markers to gain those extra Reputation points. You can earn unlimited RP from Parachuting, so all you need to do is to keep replaying the activity and you will gain RP each time you play it.

Stealing vehicles

Immediately after entering an isolated vehicle you should notice a slight raise in your RP bar at the top of the screen. You may notice that your wanted level may rise after stealing this vehicle, quickly lose those cops for additional RP.

A great feature of GTA Online is that you can sell the cars that you steal to earn some quick cash. Unfortunately you can only sell these cars to Los Santos Customs once every in-game day (48 minutes in real time) however sports cars are not accepted so at least you don’t have to waste time hunting out the most costly vehicle in Los Santos, any run of the mill vehicle will do. Which will generally get around $8,000-$10,000 a pop.

Read up on our Money guide, to discover the easiest way to make some quick cash in the online mode.

Killing random people

Killing passers by is a good way to raise you RP levels and earn some extra money in the process.

Completing Jobs

Scattered across the map on GTA Online are jobs which different players will invite you to complete with them in order to earn Reputation Points in large quantities. Open up your mini-map to get extra details on each mission that is available to you, including the game mode, brief description, location and the number of player’s allowed.

Check our GTA index for help in completing missions and jobs.

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19th February 2015
Charlotte Weyer... i like you're last name :P mine is spelled a little different as : Weijer now aint that cool :D

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19th February 2015
Charlotte Weyer... i like you're last name :P mine is spelled a little different as : Weijer now aint that cool :D

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