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The Alien Conspiracy in GTA V
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The Alien Conspiracy in GTA V

Discovering how to unlock the jetpack and uncover the UFO mystery...
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8th October 2013 10:33 AM

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What is GTA 5’s big alien conspiracy? Strange symbols, UFO’s, suggestive graffiti, eerie artifacts and shadowy men in black have all been spotted throughout San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto 5, but what does it all mean? And can you solve it? Below is a full list of all of the facts and details that have been unearthed so far, how you can find them and what they could possibly mean.

What is the GTA 5 Alien Conspiracy?
The alien conspiracy is what’s thought to be GTA 5’s final storyline, and with extraterrestrial activities subtly but constantly hinted throughout the game, we cannot wait to discover the hidden secrets of GTA V. It all started with a number of odd clues scattered across San Andreas, the first ones we discovered were the secret messages that could be found only under a UV light on the GTA V Collector’s Edition map, with signs teasing ‘They’re here’ against drawings of spaceships.
Read up more on these secret messages here.
And most importantly, there are the four UFO’s that have been spotted on Mount Chilliad, Fort Zancudo, Sandy Shores and at the bottom of the ocean. As of yet nobody has pieced together the clues in order to interact with the spaceships however below is the list of all the UFO’s, artifacts and additional clues that we have discovered so far, what they could suggest and how you can find them too.

Secret messages
The blueprint map addition to the GTA V Collector’s Edition exposed a series of hidden text and images underneath a UV/blacklist lamp. You can see the hints in the images above, or in our article here. Don’t ask us how anyone discovered this in the first place, oh blimey I must inspect this with my industrial UV lamp that I’ve got lying about?! Many of these clues relate to hidden spaceship parts that you are required to collect in order to achieve 100% completion, however some are more abstract.
Check our GTA index for articles related to hunting out these collectibles.

There has been many theories to the meaning behind this mural that can be found when entering the cable car station, with fans believing that the mural represented a cross section of Mount Chilliad, with each box representing a hidden location. However strong evidence suggests that the mural should be overlaid on the game map, with the exact placement of the diagram still being strongly debated. The most popular placement of the mural is with the shining eye placed upon the north cost, see image above.


Shifting off course onto the frozen river in the very first prologue mission will lead you to one of the very first extraterrestrial clues - an alien, frozen underneath the ice.

The “All seeing eye”
Posters and framed images of the Illuminati’s ‘All seeing eye’ logo can be found across the gameplay, the first in Franklin’s Aunts house which is framed on the wall above the fireplace. The second can be found next to Lester on one of Michael's missions.

Mount Chilliad

On the bottom of the platform of Mount Chilliad cable station there is a hidden message which reads “Come back when your story is complete” After achieving the 100% completion, you must return to this location at 4am during a rain/thunder storm (hence the lightening surrounding the diagram on the mural), however this can be achieved using the weather alteration cheat.
For details and a full list of these cheats visit our GTA5 cheats page.
At this time you will see a huge UFO, with vibrant lights and an eerie noise blaring from it.
For a walkthrough and showcase of the Mount Chilliad UFO watch the video below, courtesy of CVG.

Fort Zancudo 

Another UFO can be found above Fort Zancudo, you must fly horizontally until the text changes from Fort Zancudo to San Andreas. You should now be able to spot an industrial looking black UFO, do not attempt to fly beneath the UFO as your helicopter will short out, although you are able to land upon it.
For a walkthrough and showcase of the Fort Zancudo UFO watch the video below, courtesy of CVG. 


Sandy Shores  
On the north-east side of Sandy shores is a brightly colored and graffitied area labelled with phrases such as ‘Beam me up’ If you ascend directly above this location in a chopper, you will discover the third UFO.
For a walkthrough and showcase of the Sandy Shores FIB UFO watch the video below, courtesy of CVG.


The Ocean
To the north cost of Los Santos, above Paleto Bay, you can use your submarine to uncover a UFO at the bottom of the ocean. It doesn’t do anything and you cannot interact with it, however some believe that this is the UFO that will become flyable later on. For a walkthrough and showcase of the UFO sitting along the bed of the ocean watch the video below, courtesy of CVG.

The Alien Egg
Not a lot has been uncovered so far surrounding the alien egg, and we are currently unable to interact with the object located under the sea next to the submarine. The only reference to the alien egg is in the mural so far, however it must play some part in unearthing the conspiracy.


We’ll keep this page updated on any other clues that we find that lead us to uncovering this mystery, have you found anything else that’s gone unnoticed? Let us know in the comments below.

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