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How To Make Billions In GTA V
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How To Make Billions In GTA V

Follow this online guide and become the richest person in Los Santos
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25th September 2013 02:34 PM

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The assassination missions that Lester offers to Franklin throughout the offline game are not only good fun, but can also be highly profitable. Playing the stock market is an easy way to become an overnight billionaire in Grand Theft Auto 5, especially when based on which companies are affected by Lester and Franklin's actions as opposed to blind luck.

The first thing to note is that the timeframe to make each of these investments is limited, so the best policy is to save your game using multiple slots in case you need to go back and remedy any missed investment windows. I would advise saving before starting each mission and before making each invesment.

Now, you will have to do the first assassination mission Lester offers Franklin as part of the main story, but you should thereafter ignore all of them until after completing the story mode, in order to maximise your profits.

Assassination 1: Hotel Assassination
Invest in stocks such as the BET (Betta Pharmaceuticals), found on the BAWSAQ exchange, with each character before starting the mission. After completing the mission as Franklin, listen to the radio until you hear the news announcing your recent assassination, and thereafter keep an eye on your portfolio. The share price should cap out at around 80%, at which point you can sell with each character.

Note: remember to complete the main story before continuing beyond this point.

Assassination 2
: Multiple Target Assassination
Invest in DEB (Debonaire), which is found on the LCN stock exchange. After around 8 game hours (16 minutes in real time), the share price should peak, again at around 80%. Again, be sure to save in case you miss the selling window, as the price will drop significantly after it has passed.

Afterwards, invest in RWC (Redwood), found on LCN. Save the game, and advance the clock by 48 hours by going to your safehouse and using the bed. Remember to save in a different file; each time you use the bed to save you will advance the game by 6 hours. If you land on a weekend you will need to wait until Monday as stock prices remain static at weekends. On the second trading day after the mission the Redwood shares will increase by around 300%, at which point you sell.













Assassination 3: The Vice Assassination 

Invest in FRT (Fruit) on BAWSAQ before the mission starts. After completing the mission the share price will spike at around 50%, so sell when it hits that mark. Afterwards, invest in Facade (found on BAWSAQ) while prices are low. The company will make a valiant comeback after around 2 days and share prices will rise again.

Assassination 4: Bus Assassination
Complete the mission normally, then invest in VAP (Vapid) while prices are down. Advance the game by 48 hours and at the start of the second day, share prices will shoot up by a tasty 100%, at which point you should sell up.

Assassination 5: Construction Assassination
Before you begin this final assassination mission, you should invest in GCD (Goldcoast) on LCN. Completing this mission will cause GCD share prices to increase by a maximum of 80%. Sell, sell, sell.

If you started with a base investment of $1million (going from the second assassination, as you likely won’t have a million before then), using this guide could see you increasing that to $29,160,000.

If you invested all your cash each time, you can potentially end up with millions. A figure anywhere between $600,000,000 and $1,500,000,000 is not unreasonable, depending on your take from the final heist.

You can view this guide in video format below! So how will you spend your hard earned riches or do you want to simply put your cash in the bank??



There are now even more new ways to make money in Grand Theft Auto Online! The first big game-changer is the Heists Update, which lets players raid big properties for cash across Los Santos and Blaine County. Working with the new enigmatic Agent 14, you and Lester can earn even more money – with each player having their own job to do at different times of the heist, it ensures that you’re never bored, and the missions are always varied!

Also in the Heists update players have access to Daily Objectives, which gives you moolah and Reputation in return for completing 3 missions per real-world day in free-roam mode. They’re a really useful thing to do in between doing the bigger, more profitable jobs – and the best thing is if you complete them for a week straight you’ll get a big reward, and if you complete them for 28 days straight, it’s even bigger!

Finally, in the second part of the Ill-gotten gains patch there are new places to make jobs. Now you can make Jobs inside Los Santos International Airpot and inside Fort Zancudo!

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