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COD Ghosts Extinction Mode Hints and Tips

Guide to Extinction Mode
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6th November 2013 06:15 PM

Extinction mode is the new Survival mode in COD Ghosts that sees you (and up to three other teammates) fighting off hordes of Aliens in order to save the world, sending those foul creatures back to the abyss in the process. There are a few differences in Extinction mode that sets it well apart from other survival-oriented game modes seen in previous games, so we've put together a comprehensive guide to help you acclimatise to all the new features. Extinction mode is unlocked after completion of the first Campaign mission, or after reaching Level 5 in the Multiplayer/Squads modes.

Here's some basic information you'll want to know when fighting off the alien hordes in Extinction mode...

- Unlike other modes, you can only carry one primary weapon in Extinction.

- You can earn an additional pistol by upgrading your pistol skill tree, though your pistol cannot be replaced by another weapon. 

- In solo mode, you get one auto-revive at the start of the game. You can earn more by progressing to each new area, though you can only stack a maximum of two. 

- In co-op, you will have 30 seconds to revive a teammate once they enter last stand. If you fail to revive them, a set of dog tags will mark they spot they bled out. You can still revive them at this point, though it takes longer. 

- Getting downed costs you $500.

- Traps are highly useful for keeping aliens at bay and cost between $300-700. 

- Engineers have a special ability that improve trap performance and reduce cost. 

- You can call in a Gunship to defend your drill from either the Town or the Cabin areas, costing $3,000 in solo or $6,000 in co-op.

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