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Assassins Creed Black Flag - Buried Treasure Chest Map Locations

Hunting out buried Treasure
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13th December 2013 06:53 PM

There are a total of 19 treasure maps available for discovery in the single player game and an additional 3 maps can be obtained through Kenway’s Fleet. Locating these maps will lead you to secret Buried Treasure Chests containing untold riches and design plans for the Jackdaw’s elite upgrades. To reach and dig up this treasure, you must have acquired the relative treasure maps before hand. This guide below will inform you on the locations of these treasure chest maps, what the chests contain and the exact coordinates of both the maps and chests to assist you in your hunt.

CHEST #1 (240, 607)

The first treasure chest map can be found in Havana (240,607) close to a general store in the northern area of the city. The map will lead you towards the chest which is buried on the beach in the southern part of Havana. Inside the chest you will discover plans for the Queen Anne’s Figurehead and also a grand 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #2 (633, 784)

Travel to Great Inagua (845,468) and collect your second treasure map on the northwest corner of this island. Follow the directions on the map, leading you to Nassau (633,784) and the chest can be found on a cliff behind a mansion. Inside the chest you will be rewarded with the plans for Grey Sails along side 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #3 (525, 253)

Head over to Island Providencia (502, 44) for treasure map #3, it can be found to the northwest of the island in the swampy area. The map reveals that the location of the chest is in Long Bay (525, 253) head to east Viewpoint and find the chest, containing 4,000 Reales, on the beach.

CHEST #4 (179, 593)

Discover your fourth treasure map at Cape Bonavista (179,593) on the beach on the eastern side. The chest is located on the same island, hunt out the cave on the island and head to the dead end inside which contains the chest, offering 1,500 Reales.

CHEST #5 (70, 405)

The location of the fifth map is in Petite Caverne, to reach the map you will need to head straight into the cave. Keep your wits about you, as the cave is filled with enemies. Fight your way through until you reach the map which guides you to Tulum (70,405). Find the chest close to the viewpoint in the southern area, and watch out for the jaguars!

CHEST #6 (307, 195)

Arriving in Ambergris Key (55, 178) you will view the diving section, which requires the Diving Bell to be unlocked, find this in the Jackdaw upgrades. Move underwater through the tunnels until you reach a massive chamber above the water, the map will be located in the northwest corner. The map will lead you to Misteriosa (307,195) head to northeast of the viewpoint and discover the buried chest. The chest offers plans for the Elite Havy shot and 3,000 Reales. Whilst your here, don’t forget to pick up the Mayan Stelae collectibles in this area in order to unlock the invisible Mayan Outfit for Edward Kenway. Read our guide here on the locations of these collectibles.

CHEST #7 (992, 422)

The map is located at Anotto Bay (621,277) head through the underwater maze until you reach a cavern with the map inside. The map directs you to Principe (992, 422) head into the fort and travel straight to the top. You’ll see four cannons alongside three buildings. To locate the chest, containing 3,000 Reales, go around the three until you’re on the ledge in front of the buldings.

CHEST #8 (623, 172)

The eighth map can be found at Misteriosa (307,195) with the chest in the bay of the most-eastern shore of Kingston (623, 172). The chest offers you the plans for the Blackwood Wheel and 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #9 (327, 334)

Find the ninth map on Pinos Isle (335, 469) with the chest, containing a generous 4,000 Reales, very close to the Northeast tip of the Cayman Sound island.

CHEST #10 (333, 650)

Located in Tortuga (882, 370) find the map right along the shore. The chest, offering plans for the Elite Mortar Storage and 3,000 Reales, can be found right along side the Mayan Stela on the East side of Mantanzas.

CHEST #11 (749, 625)

This map can be found on Abaco Island (606, 835) with the chest situated towards the northwest of Salt Lagoon (749, 625). The treasure chest contains 3,000 Reals and plans for the Serpent Figurehead.

CHEST #12 (55, 178)

Find the twelfth treasure map in Corozal (42, 269) located on a smaller island just off the coast. Head to Ambergris Key (55, 178) swimming through a tunnel leads you to a chamber, locate the chest, containing 4,000, in the sandy area to the south.

CHEST #13 (565, 539)

Located at Ile a Vache (843, 140) with the chest, containing 4,000 Reales, buried underneath the shadows of a palm tree in Jiguey (565, 539)

CHEST #14 (606, 835)

The map is situated on Andreas Island (579, 720) with the chest located on the shipwreck of Abaco Island (606, 835) The chest will reward you with 4,000 Reales.

CHEST #15 (442, 118)

Find the map located in Salt Lagoon (749, 625) and the buried chest in the eastern part of New Bone (442, 118) very close to a windmill. The chest contains 4,000 Reales.

CHEST #16 (479, 487)

Head over to Santanillas (217, 250) to discover the treasure map, which leads you to San Juan (479, 487). When you’ve view the two guards insight, take them out and head right of the opening that leads to the next chamber. Inside the chest you will find plans for the Elite Fire Barrel Strength and 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #17 (335, 469)

The chest is located at Cumberland Bay (679, 381) with the chest left of the temple on Pinos Isle (335, 469) It will contain plans for the Aquila’s Wheel and also 3,000 Reales.

CHEST #18 (579, 720)

This map can be found on Mariguana Island (880, 544) pointing towards the chest, containing plans for the Elite Harpoon and 3,000 Reales, on a small island off the southern part of Andreas Island (579, 720)

CHEST #19 (901, 263)

Find the final map on Cayman Sound (327, 334) and the final chest in Petite Caverne (901, 263) in the southwest corner of the smuggler’s den. You will discover plans for the Elite Heavy Shot Storage and your final 3,000 Reales.

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