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About the Trade In Detectives

Greetings, chums. So you'd like to know more about us, eh? Top hole; we suspected that you had a penchant for the finer things.

Our journey began as your average canine detective duo: scrapping for cases (and biscuits) and enjoying a relaxing twelve hours of gaming after a long stretch at the office. One day, a terrible scandal befell us when an impressionable young Winston ventured into town to trade in a copy of Call of Duty, and returned home looking terribly unhappy (even for a pug) with a mere fifty pence piece clutched in his paw. On that day we vowed never again to allow an honest gamer to be so unconscionably defrauded, and thus, the Trade In Detectives were born.

Our services

Truly, we found our calling in the video games racket, and to this day we tirelessly investigate the market to ensure our members can easily discover where are the best places to sell their old games, consoles, and accessories.

Since we launched our website in August 2013, we have had over 2.4million unique visitors and we check over 120,000 trade in values and cash prices on a daily basis! We maintain the most up-to-date database of trade in prices so that you can feel safe in the knowledge that we will help to get you the best possible deal every time you trade in a game, console or accessory.

But that, my friends, is not all...

Being gentlemen as we are, ourselves and our dedicated team of contributers like to offer our guests a variety of entertainment to enjoy during their visit, including amusing game-related jokes, gaming hints, tips & cheats, competitionsblogs and also the odd informative article, for you to peruse at your leisure.

Furthermore, we are constantly striving to improve and provide you with a first class service that helps you to save money and is, above all, entirely free to use.

If any of the above is not entirely clear, or you simply want to watch something funny, why not watch our famous Trade In Detectives launch video? You won’t be disappointed.

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